Sunday, January 4, 2009

Toasted Toes and Hot Hands

I could not be bike riding (or snow shoveling, or x-country skiing) in this cold weather with out using these two items. Instant heat packs for my toezees and my finners. (Click on photos to enlarge) Feet: Before putting on my bike shoes, I stick them on top of a pair of wool socks . Sometimes I put them on top of my socks, sometimes on the bottom of my socks. They are a thin, flat, light adhesive backed toe warmer. There are times I have put them on the top of my bike shoe inbetween the shoe and the Gore Bike Wear Shoe Cover. It all works well. It is a lifesaver toward being comfortable out on a cold winter bike ride. I even wear them into the springtime too when it is still chilly. I just don't add the shoe cover. I'm one that has very sensitive-to-cold digits, and I need them often when others can go out there wearing just bike sandles in the middle of the winter!
Hands: On the coldest days I use these Burton mittens with the heat packs. The mittens have a little fleece lining and this handy zip pocket on the outside. I just slip in the packet right there. I have also dropped them in a windproof light-weight mitten and wear another glove (if the temperature requires it) inside. I can bike along squeezing/touching this little heat pack and warming the fingers. I have used them with some fingered gloves too, by inserting them down in the glove to the palm, or on the back of my hand. The heat will still radiate to the fingers. With it next to the palm, it still isn't too much in the way when you have the hand on the handlebars of the bicycle.
I can buy them at my local Gander Mountain store. But this season since I have been biking every day in the cold weather I have purchased them online in a 40 pairs count box. Cheaper that way. I have to check several websites because the prices vary. I like to go with who ever has the cheapest (or free!) shipping at the time. There are several brand names of these instant charcoal activated heat things: Toastie Toes, Heat Factory, Hot Hands to name a few.
Now I have figured out how to use the hand and the toe warmers TWICE. As soon as I finish my bike ride (or skiing, or snow blowing) I put them in a zip-lock baggie and zip it closed to cut off any air/oxygen. They are reusable the next time. So this cuts the cost down to half the price.

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jodycb said...

I think I need to get some kind of shoe covers. I like riding in the cold until my toes go numb and then I'm not so happy. I was surprised that hiking boots and two layers of socks were not sufficient to keep my toes conscious.