Thursday, January 15, 2009

Removing Bicycle Chain Grease

Don't you just hate it when the grease from the bicycle chain jumps up on your best piece of bike clothing?

The other day I had on my Craft Pro-Zero zip mock neck base layer shirt. It is long and hung down below my jacket. Just happens to be white and wouldn't you know, as I lifted up my bike to put it on the car bike rack the shirt came up against the chain. OH NO! The dreaded bicycle chain grease stain! About 3 days later (in general don't wait that long) I took care of it before adding it to a load of clothes in the washing machine. I have found the grease removing Heavy-duty cleaner LESTOIL is the only solution that will wipe out bike grease stains from clothes. It is also wipes out grass stains right now. There are a lot of these bike garments made these days in this day-glow color and those fabrics are just very hard to release the bike chain grease stains. But Lestoil will get it clean. If it does dissolve the stain right away, launder and do it again. It's never failed me. I use an old toothbrush to work the liquid into the grease. Just be sure to treat the stain as soon as possible after the run in with the grease.

Here is a little video clip I filmed as I removed the stain from one of my favorite cold weather bike garments. I have seen flashy ads and clever jingles, but have never seen anything work as well as Lestoil does for me

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Great Tip!