Monday, January 5, 2009

Build a Bicycle Snow Plow

I have friends in other states that are complaining about the snow and being trapped in the house having to ride their bike on the indoor trainer. Totally boring for most. Actually, I like my bike trainer. I don't have time to watch TV so when I'm on the trainer (treadmill, or Nordic Track Ski machine) I can be a news junkie, or dream about those HGTV home re-decorating ideas for at least thirty to forty minutes. But there are times when you have to get outside to tend to the business of snow clearing.

Looking at the weather here in NE Ohio we just may have some accumulation of the white stuff coming. Soon. Will have to get out the shovels and snow blowers. But why not get in a bike ride while taking care of the chore of clearing the snow? Yes! I'm thinking of rigging up one of these bike snowplows. Do you have one?

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