Friday, January 23, 2009

Round 'n Round the Rotunda

Dave C. and I riding through Myakka Park
Erika and Peg enjoy the surf and sand on Siesta Key
Riders favorite treat, Ice Cream! Mal, Bill and Carol
Waiting at the Circus Bridge while boat passes through
Don at Pop's Sunset Grille - huge Grouper fish sandwich.

58 miles today that took us into to Rotunda. It is a confusing place, we almost always get lost. Except this 4th time down here we didn't get quite so lost getting out of that round and round community. I was on tandem with Dave and we took a turn on to what we thought was the Pioneer Trail and it was not -- it was a golf cart path, and we ended up going out into some golf course following this trail/path until we realized we weren't going anywhere, and the golfers were telling us we were on a golf course! Two miles back down the road we found the right trail entrance. We only had about 2 miles on that trail.

We had a treat stopping at Bud and Margie's house to have fresh squeezed orange juice from the trees in their yard. They winter down here and they ride a tandem and Bud comes out and rides single with us too. A few of us stopped at a favorite place, Conch Cafe. Corner of Pennell and Rte 776. Home of Killer Food at Killer Prices. Starting out we had to wait for the Circus Bridge to go back down before going over it. That is a frequent thing down here since Venice is on an island and we are always riding out and over to the mainland -- we end up waiting for the draw bridges to let boat traffic go through.

Oh and the weather was much warmer today! Finally I could ride with short sleeves about 5 miles into the ride.

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