Friday, November 28, 2008

4-Mile Run on Turkey Day

Nick was home and brought his friend Brandon with him. The three of us went to downtown Akron and raced the 4 mile road race 'Run for the Homeless'. There were 2,500 that came out for this popular Thanksgiving morning race. I hadn't trained for this - just been bicycling exclusively this season, no time for running. But I did do it and had a blast. It was just barely 30 degrees. But NO rain or snow. I just took it very slow, even stopping to take photos. So my slooow time was 49:25. What a neat experience to be in a running event for the first time with my son Nick. Watch out -- next year I'll train for this one!! I have to do something about this problem I've been having ever since hiking in Gatlinbug, TN (Smokey Mountains) last May. I keep getting this painful muscle inflamation/tightness along side the shin near my ankle on my right leg. Dr Keyes who does ART (Active Release Technique) gets it all loosened up, but then when I hike, or like this running, I'm right back with the pain again. What is causing this weakness in this one particular spot?!

Nick and Brandon ready to race

A sea of people going down Exchange St, Akron, OH

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Cold Weather Chick

Here's Toni all dressed for a cold ride today. It was between 25-27 degrees on her ride from our house to Smithville and a stop for lunch at The Barn. She donned my IllumiNITE waterproof helmet cover. I had already done my ride this morning with the SCBC bike club -- so she used it on this 35 mile ride this afternoon. It keeps the wind from entering the helmet holes and keeps you nice and warm. If your head's warm, you's warm! She put on that plastic rain jacket too. Says it is a good wind shield. Man, I'd be sweating with that on. My Gore Bike Wear Phantom Jacket (she has her red one on - we both have this same jacket) is my favorite wind shield, and that along with my Craft long sleeve and a long sleeve Smartwool zip-T is plenty for me under the Phantom jacket and I'm good to go. Now I wonder if she was SMILING when I snapped this photo?!?

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dressed to Kill the Cold

I think Peg has found the bandit who came out to rob her of warm weather riding! Looks just like me, doesn't it?!

Yesterday I showed up for the SCBC ride at Lake Avenue Trailhead/Ernie's for the morning ride. It was map #182. It's the one we now like to call the "Same 'ol Same 'ol" - over the gravel pit to Clinton/Center Rd trail head parking lot and back. The ridership has dwindled in this weather. Instead of the usual 20-30 riders, only the die-hards will come out now. This is the first year I've joined this rank, but for how long I don't know. I'll keep trying, even in a light snow fall. I don't see many (any!)other sixty-three plus year old women doing this - so I am pretty happy to keep on pedaling in 'my advanced age'!
There were six of us on this ride today: Peg, Al, Bob,Margie,TomK (at least we had a doctor with us. To start with stitching us if we fell on the ice) and me. Denny D was in the parking lot, looked like he was going to ride, but I never saw him from the get-go. He took the above photo. We didn't ride the gravel pit section today, over Riverview Road - that open grate metal bridge at Crystal Springs could have been icy this morning. We didn't chance it. We get the same miles by going straight up Erie Avenue. We had trouble enough slicing along though the very thin layer of ice spots on Cleveland-Massillon Road between Clinton and Center Road.

What are we doing this for?! Because we lovvve to be out there on our bicycles, no matter what. Because a day without a bike ride just doesn't feel complete - it just puts the sunshine in our lives. And here in North East Ohio, there ain't much sunshine in the winter. We are addicted to exercising. I just love the adventure, the wee challenge of being able to get out and Do IT! It was only about 27 degrees out, but I dressed for the occasion.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Am I Missing Something Here?!

I would probably follow the arrow and hit the concete Post!
So this is why we wear helmets. . .

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rolling from Greensburg Park

This morning it was just 33 degrees at 9:30 AM. It was Peg's ride and Larry J, Don R, Toni P and I showed up looking like masked bandits with our Balaclavas covering our faces. I was plenty warm wearing my Phantom Gore Wear jacket (with the sleeves zipped in), a turtle neck Under Armour long sleeve shirt, a feather-weight vest, wind stopping tights over padded bike shorts, Smart Wool liner socks and second pair of medium weight wool socks, full GoreTex shoe booties with Instant Heat pads between the bootie and shoe toe, a WindStopper full coverage balaclava, fit-over sunglasses to block more wind, and last important cold weather garment - one set of gloves inside Oasics wind-proof mittens. A warm Instant Heat pack inside the mitten. Good thing I didn't have to go pee - I'd be like the little boy in "A Christmas Story" who got all bundled up to go out in the snow and said he had to "P". Was I too warm on this twenty-five mile ride out of Greensburg Park this morning? Not really. My toes stayed warm, and fingers too. Those are my biggest worries as I'm totally miserable if they are cold. But after a couple of hills my long sleeve UnderArmour was feeling a tad too much covering. I wanted to rip it off actually. I start to feel itchy with that garment when I've worked up a sweat.

But oh what a nice ride. The sun shone a little, the snow had stopped for a couple of hours and the wind wasn't bad 'atall!! I stopped at Buehler's Market on the way home and got goodies to make a salad. I hope I burn more calories in this cold weather -- with my body trying to stay warm. This is the first year I have biked in colder temps. I just get out there and give it a try. Once I get going I find I do pretty good. I don't think I want to do much more than 30 miles max though in these cold months.

Bicycle Cross Country - Again?!

I'm about to get ready for another cross country bicycle trip. Well, at least I think I am. It is only November and the trip would start the first weekend in June so I do have a number of months to decide, prepare and muse about this trip. Crossing the USA on a bicycle is to me the ultimate bike ride! It was yesterday that Paul said some words about "your cross country trip" - it took me by surprise, as I didn't really think he knew how very much I dreamed of doing this once again. He has always been such a big fan and support of these wild adventures I take myself on -- so I shouldn't be surprised he would be all for this, most likely my last, attempt to cross the country by bike. By next summer I will be in the second half of my 65th year here on earth, and I might as well do these things while I still have good health and support of those closest to me. God is good, and I am blessed, indeed.