Friday, November 28, 2008

4-Mile Run on Turkey Day

Nick was home and brought his friend Brandon with him. The three of us went to downtown Akron and raced the 4 mile road race 'Run for the Homeless'. There were 2,500 that came out for this popular Thanksgiving morning race. I hadn't trained for this - just been bicycling exclusively this season, no time for running. But I did do it and had a blast. It was just barely 30 degrees. But NO rain or snow. I just took it very slow, even stopping to take photos. So my slooow time was 49:25. What a neat experience to be in a running event for the first time with my son Nick. Watch out -- next year I'll train for this one!! I have to do something about this problem I've been having ever since hiking in Gatlinbug, TN (Smokey Mountains) last May. I keep getting this painful muscle inflamation/tightness along side the shin near my ankle on my right leg. Dr Keyes who does ART (Active Release Technique) gets it all loosened up, but then when I hike, or like this running, I'm right back with the pain again. What is causing this weakness in this one particular spot?!

Nick and Brandon ready to race

A sea of people going down Exchange St, Akron, OH

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