Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Cold Weather Chick

Here's Toni all dressed for a cold ride today. It was between 25-27 degrees on her ride from our house to Smithville and a stop for lunch at The Barn. She donned my IllumiNITE waterproof helmet cover. I had already done my ride this morning with the SCBC bike club -- so she used it on this 35 mile ride this afternoon. It keeps the wind from entering the helmet holes and keeps you nice and warm. If your head's warm, you's warm! She put on that plastic rain jacket too. Says it is a good wind shield. Man, I'd be sweating with that on. My Gore Bike Wear Phantom Jacket (she has her red one on - we both have this same jacket) is my favorite wind shield, and that along with my Craft long sleeve and a long sleeve Smartwool zip-T is plenty for me under the Phantom jacket and I'm good to go. Now I wonder if she was SMILING when I snapped this photo?!?

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