Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tandem Bike Riding

I often return in thought to my grand time in Florida the last two weeks in January. I never expected that I would get to ride on a tandem bike for all those days - except for a couple, when Don (who is recovering from shoulder surgery) took his turn on Dave's tandem. (scroll down to see). It would be nice when Paul retires if we could buy a tandem to ride together.
Captain: Dave C. Stoker: Me

Beautiful Myakka State Park, Florida

Don was experiencing what it was like to be a stoker. He has his own tandem and has a whole harem of female stokers - and a few guys too ride with him. But with his doctor's orders to rest the arm while it heals from his November surgery, he figured, 'what the heck' riding tandem won't hurt anything. He wanted to be down in Florida too and not miss out on the fun - and he didn't miss very many days of riding as there were several with tandems: Doug's, Bill's, Bud's, Dave's, and Mal's. Here's Don riding with Bud S, Dave and Doug. (click on photos to enlarge)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ohio Winter Video

Chapin Forest, Kirtland, Ohio

Ski buddies: Sara,Gary,Mal,Judy,Karen
(click to enlarge) See video below

It was a bummer to leave the sun and fun of Venice, Florida and come back to frigid Northeast Ohio. It was -22 degrees the morning I left and 9 degrees when I got off the plane on my return two weeks later.

I had a wonderful week riding on a tandem bike the whole time -- except for a couple of days when Don took a turn on Dave's tandem. Riding tandem is fast becoming one of my favorite ways of bicycling. I like the team effort and this 'gliding along feeling' that the tandem gives me. I brought along a spare Specialized women's Jett saddle, the same as I use on my single bike, and that sure made things very comfortable. I haven't been on my own bike since arriving home last Sunday. My favorite bike (Trek Madone WSD 5.9) is still in transit in Toni's van. She was staying a little longer in Florida. Note: Today there is a heat wave coming through. It will be into upper 40's!! I'll do the 1:00 PM club ride.

This past week it was time to get out and cross country ski. Even some of the club bike rides were cancelled due to severe cold. Several days the snow had such an ice crust on the top it was just too difficult to cross country over that. But yesterday five bike club buddies drove up to Kirtland area to Chapin Forest and skied on their groomed trails. The day was filled with brilliant sunshine all day and the trails were great. We skied for almost 2 hours. We didn't have to dress in very many layers either as the temps were in the low 30's. Gary got some new skis this year and was trying them out. As John S commented when he saw the video - if you have to fall to get better, Gary must be doing great! John is on his way home from Florida now, and if the snow isn't all melted he'll be out skiing with us again.