Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dressed to Kill the Cold

I think Peg has found the bandit who came out to rob her of warm weather riding! Looks just like me, doesn't it?!

Yesterday I showed up for the SCBC ride at Lake Avenue Trailhead/Ernie's for the morning ride. It was map #182. It's the one we now like to call the "Same 'ol Same 'ol" - over the gravel pit to Clinton/Center Rd trail head parking lot and back. The ridership has dwindled in this weather. Instead of the usual 20-30 riders, only the die-hards will come out now. This is the first year I've joined this rank, but for how long I don't know. I'll keep trying, even in a light snow fall. I don't see many (any!)other sixty-three plus year old women doing this - so I am pretty happy to keep on pedaling in 'my advanced age'!
There were six of us on this ride today: Peg, Al, Bob,Margie,TomK (at least we had a doctor with us. To start with stitching us if we fell on the ice) and me. Denny D was in the parking lot, looked like he was going to ride, but I never saw him from the get-go. He took the above photo. We didn't ride the gravel pit section today, over Riverview Road - that open grate metal bridge at Crystal Springs could have been icy this morning. We didn't chance it. We get the same miles by going straight up Erie Avenue. We had trouble enough slicing along though the very thin layer of ice spots on Cleveland-Massillon Road between Clinton and Center Road.

What are we doing this for?! Because we lovvve to be out there on our bicycles, no matter what. Because a day without a bike ride just doesn't feel complete - it just puts the sunshine in our lives. And here in North East Ohio, there ain't much sunshine in the winter. We are addicted to exercising. I just love the adventure, the wee challenge of being able to get out and Do IT! It was only about 27 degrees out, but I dressed for the occasion.

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