Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Toasted Cheese on George Foreman Grill

When I come home from a bike ride - or just lots of other times - and I'm hungry for a great, super fast, toasted cheese sandwich I plug in my small Champ George Foreman Grill.

Thing about these grills is they cook the food twice as fast because they cook BOTH sides at the same time. I start with my favorite 10-grain bread that I get at the West Point Market, home of the famous original Killer Brownies - they are deadly! Delicious that is. I buy 6-7 loaves at a time and usually have them sliced 3/4" thick. I keep the loaves in the freezer.

I use a use a vegan buttery type of spread on the bread (just the outside that touches the grill plates) and then put a slice of cheese in between the bread. I like the Monterrey Jack cheese. Jarlsberg cheese is super good too.

This grill is great for putting some veggies (green, red peppers, thick slices of onion, zucchini) on it and in 1 minute you have delicious grilled veggies. It will cook a chicken breast in 2 minutes. Do a frozen burger in a jiffy too. I love salmon on this grill. 4 minutes flat and its done to perfection. First I marinate the salmon for 5 minutes in some different marinates that I keep around. With the little tray sitting below the grill it will catch all the fat -- so way, way less fat in your food preparation too! I purchased my little George Foreman at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are available all over the web too. I think it was around $20.00. I have a large size one also to do more than one (veggie!) burger, a big batch of veggies, or two sandwiches at the same time. This large one has a temperature control. I really like the small one best. I can keep it on the counter top and it is handy to plug in anytime.

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