Sunday, January 25, 2009

Round Two inFlorida

Nan is soooo happy to stop, rest, and soak up the SUNshine!
Now THIS is how Florida weather should be . . .nice and warm in late January. Nine of us went out for a 40 mile ride this morning. Karen had a flat tire even before we left the Veranda -- so with a quick change by Al we were out on the road by 9:45. We stopped about half way at a small shopping plaza that has Scrambles Cafe. No one really wanted a sit down lunch but next door was Robert's Whole Foods. A nice size organics and health foods grocery store. Everyone bought small bags of goodies from the bulk bins. Dried fruits, dried peas, nuts and such. Sharon even bought sweet potato and beet chips. Everyone 'shared' their goodies and we passed our little baggies around to each other for samples. It was just enough of a treat to fuel us for the remainder of the ride. Returning we all changed out of the bike shorts and left to go for lunch down the road at Ed and Dave's favorite bar/grille called Norma Jean's. Nice place, with lots of TV's playing sports channels.

After the lunch most everyone went back out riding for another 20 miles -- led around by Bob F. Saw lots of boats on the inner coastal this afternoon.

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