Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Riding Fun in Florida

Another day of bicycling in the sun. Though it sure isn't warm (yet) down here. It was 50 degrees when four of us started out on the route this morning. About 15 drove to Sanibel Island to ride, others stayed local. Doug and Vicky had cued a 38 mile ride around here. About 8 left with them at 9:30, but those I rode with wanted to wait until it warmed up a little more. It was very cool with a brisk breeze the entire ride and I had to keep leggings and jacket on the entire time. But it was sunny and that is great! Five of us are going to a Greek restaurant, Althea's, in downtown Venice at 6:00. I'm hungry after all this riding!!
Here is a photo of three tandems with their Captains and Stokers that have been out there everyday:
L-R: Mal/Debbie, Bill/Carol, and Dave/Sara
L-R: Dave, Sara, Debbie, Mal.
Though the sign says "Motor Cycle parking -- we think our cycles have 'very special motors' -- our strong legs!

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