Sunday, January 11, 2009

Put Away the Bikes and Go Ski

(Click on photo to enlarge) (See video below)
After yesterday's heavy snow fall that dumped from the heavens about 12" of snow in a matter of 3 hours -- those of us from the Stark County Bike Club were excited and quickly shifting our thoughts from bicycles to skiing. At the annual SCBC banquet last night we left with a time today to meet at Quail Hollow State Park. We gathered at the entrance to the trails and paused for the unofficial official opening of the 2009 meeting of the S.C.B.C.S.G. (Stark County Bike Club Ski Group) cross-country skiers. The bikes are hung up momentarily. We had a great time out there playing in the snow. There was Mal, Karen, Margie, John S, Al, and myself. I brought along the small digital camera. So the video quality isn't the greatest in this composite YouTube video -- but I couldn't resist getting some footage of us. As we came on to the trails we made our way up a small hill and stopped to remember a former member of the SCBC, Diane Barken. Her bench was placed along the trail in remembrance of her.

This was the scene outside my kitchen window yesterday morning (1/10/09). In just over 2.5 hours this is what it looked like! We went from no snow - to this. Yes! we love it because we can go x-country skiing, finally. But a lot of us will be in Florida by this weekend, bicycling for a week or two. So we will enjoy this for a few more days.

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