Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't Stop in the Shade in the Winter !

Heard this today as I was riding along with the back of the pack. It was a fantastic day because the sky was so clear and the sun was absolutely brilliant how it was filling every bit of the sky with sunshine. What a treat. Four of us are rolling along coming near the home stretch on the last of a 25 mile ride. I could see Gary F. up ahead. Looked like he had stopped to take a brief break along side of the road - about 20 miles into the ride. I come rolling up and he is just pushing off on his pedals and begins rolling along with us. I ask, "Everything OK?" He says, "Yup, I was just stopping in the shade." What?! You got it WRONG, Gary. Not the shade! It is 22 Fahrenheit degrees and the sun (newsflash! newsflash!) is shining here in NE Ohio. You got it wrong. You stop in the SUN when it is this frickn' winter cold and the sun is shining. You stop in the SHADE in the summer heat when it is 90 degrees blazn' hot! I guess he must be part polar bear?

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