Saturday, January 3, 2009

Captain Kaos Fan Club

Meet Captain Kaos
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I asked Steve the other day how it was that he has become known as Captain Kaos? Mike G, he told me, started telling him a cloud of chaos hung around him when he showed up for the bike rides. Steve loved the teasing, and soon we were calling him Captain Kaos.
Don't know what I did to deserve this but he said I could become an official member of his very own Captain Kaos Fan Club. You gotta love it. After the bike ride the other day I was ready to pull away and he comes running over to my car with this membership card and invitation to join his fan club. Really special because it says on it, "Only special people are invited to join this elite club."

Life around Steve is a little Kao-tic - especially when he is out riding his bike with us. He has some powerful legs - that he says he keeps in shape between bike rides - with weight training at the local gym. So riding with him I sure can't keep up for long. His youth and power on the bike leave me in the dust. But Steve, he is just, well Steve. On more rides than I can count, we'll be riding along and ask, "Where in the world is Steve?" Lost. Again. He will miss a turn and he will be off for hours trying to find his way back to the finish of the ride. But he is so good natured and will still laugh at himself for all the trouble he gets himself into on his bicycle rides. I wish I had his good naturedness when I get myself in a pickle!

If he isn't on his bike, he'll be on his cell phone calling his fan club, at the public library checking his email, or tooling around in his little green monster (you'll know it's him because he has a magnetic 'Captian Kaos' sign stuck to the side) trying to find the ride start location. I'm sure you have heard him say a million times, "Sweet!" Ah yes, for Steve life may be Kaos, but still he's a treat, quite simple and sweet. Someone in the club said about steve: "The Captain is the nicest person I have met at scbc. I really appreciate him and he has taught me alot about how to be happy."

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