Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Think Dogs Are a Problem for Bikers?

. . . And we thought dogs were only a problem for bikers.

Due to the snow, our bicycles are still hung up so a group from the bike club went x-c skiing again. Dick was with us on our skiing adventure at Quail Hollow yesterday. I sent him the original photo I took with just one of 'Jessie' dog, and it came back with multiple doggies in the picture! Here is his exclusive account of how our day went out there:

"We had a terrible day at Quail Hollow trying to x-country ski today. Deb decided to bring her dogs. They kept stopping in front of us on the downhills. (see photo).

Karen went off trail trying to miss one of the dogs (don't know dog's legal name) and hit a tree. She fell in the snow unconcious for 20 minutes.
When she woke up she thought she was in Florida.

We told her it does not snow in Florida and then all the dogs started licking her face. Good she does not wear too much makeup. The lipstick did smear a bit and we thought it was blood until we looked closer.

This photo is just before Karen broke her nose missing the dog (don't know dog's name). Sylvia and Gary were the only smart ones. They walked down the hills to avoid skiing over the dogs.

I like those orange dog vests (don't know all their names, sorry, no disrespect intended), they are like the Canton City Street Repair persons wear. I may get one of them if they come in my size."

Now don't believe all of that . . .
We all had a blast and we're game to try it again today. Too bad Deb has to go back to work today, she and her little doggie Jessie won't be there.

Do I look like some sort of ski patroler? I must watch for DebbieDogs! I carry my camera in the zipper pocket on the front of that Nathan's runner's vest. My GPS is in another pocket on the front. It has a water bladder on the back. It is a superlightweight thing with open mesh material.

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