Monday, January 19, 2009

Fire Ants - Yoga - Biking - 64th Birthday

The group Yoga class at 5:00 PM this afternoon, at the beach in Venice, FL.
Sara(L), Margie (R) doing some warm-ups for the Yoga class on the beach. Fran and Kathy (standing to the right of Margie) were there too.
Sara (L), Karen (R) do some sun worshiping before the Yoga class begins
Bob B. gave me a little carrot cake this afternoon - a "HAPPY 64 BIRTHDAY to me. Wasn't that nice!

Today I am 64 years old! And our Tom is 42 years young! It was a grand day today in sunny Florida. A 40 mile bike ride (riding tandem with Dave). I had wanted to stop at the Nakomis Orchard on Albee Farms Rd and take a photo of all the grapefruit trees. That was fine, except I got into a FIRE ANT hill. I sure did move fast and was batting those stinging ants from my legs to get them OFF of my exposed leg. Got six welts, but Dave and then Margie each gave me some stuff to put on the bites and they didn't hurt much after that. It was about 72 degrees today -- it was just absolutely perfect biking weather.

At 5:00 PM five of us went a few blocks down to the Venice Public beach and attended an open session Yoga class. There were about 50 or more that showed up for the class right on the sand at the beach. (They have these every morning and some afternoons on the beach, free!) Frank, Rich and Gary showed up after the class started and moved in next to us and tried it do the poses too. Good for some laughs.

Eight of us went to Markers 4 Restaurant down on the water front for a seafood dinner. Bob B. had surprised me with a loaf carrot cake earlier, before we gals took off to do the Yoga. So when we got back to the Veranda I served up pieces of it to some who stopped into our room. That was really nice of Bob to do that!

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