Friday, December 19, 2008

Bicycle Lunch Box

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I love my Bento Box on my bicycle. It is the most handy thing. I first saw one of these in 2004 while on the tour of Ride The Rockies in Colorado. I searched for this and found two sizes. I bought both the large size and the smaller size. I sometimes put the smaller one right under the tip of the saddle -- on the top tube. The smaller one will hold gels, keys, or my cell phone. But I really like the one up front. I can carry my Fuji Finepix E900 Digital Camera in the Bento. Handy to whip open the velcro lid and access the camera quickly. It is great too for the cell phone. In the summer I always put my 'treats' in the Bento box. I carry dried dates and pop one of those in my mouth about every 45 minutes of continuous riding for a little 'fuel'.

Bento is a Japanese word meaning lunch box. These little bike Bento Boxes are used by triathletes too as they can quickly open it for their fuel, like GU Energy Gel while on the race. I purchased mine at I've given a few of these away, and everyone loves them. And no, these little boxes do not interfere with your riding. Your legs don't touch it as you ride along.
See Toni's pink one on her bike. (scroll down to last photo) It is a FuelBelt brand. It has a zippered top closure. She says it keeps everything dry inside in a light rain. Of course hers is pink and you know she has to have it in pink! But this zippered one comes in black and red too. Can see these zip close ones here: Zippered Bento Box.
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