Monday, December 29, 2008

Cycled 10,000 Miles This Year

Congratulations to my friend, Toni, for reaching her personal goal of cycling 10,000 miles on her bicycle this year! She did some of the miles with the Stark County Bike Club, a few with Folks On Spokes Club, some week long organized bike tours (Florida, Indiana, and Wisconsin) as well as many times just riding around by herself - until she finally hit this nice even number! This year she turned sixty-five years (young). I greatly admire her energy, her commitment and love of cycling. I hope we can continue to spend many more times riding with each other. She is one special gal!

Don R. showed up for the 9:30 AM Stark County Bike Club ride that started from Lake Avenue parking lot - and he had this great banner of congratulations. Notice it is pink, of course! It was a total surprise to Toni when she arrived for the ride. Such fun.
Here we are posing with Toni just before the ride started. There were a couple more riders who were not in time for the group photo. The temperature was 30 degrees and SUNNY (such a rare occurrence in NE Ohio winter)! Nice ride. Map #182.
L-R: Ed G, Dave McK, Me, Mal J, Bill S., John S, Toni P, Gary F, Bob D, Mike B, Tom K, and Gary H.
Update to this blog entry: The next day the banner appeared at the ride out of Alpine Park. Some riders not present yesterday (and a few from yesterday too) stood in this picture. L-R: Dave McK, Ed G, John S, Larry J, Toni, Dick A, Steve C, Margie B, Judy S, John S (hidden). Another riding buddy, Margie, also is a member of the 10,000 mile club this year - approaching 11,000 miles. She holds the women's 'Most Miles Ridden' with the SCBC club this year.
Don, the instigator of this little surprise. Don too rode his bike 10,000 plus miles this year. He hasn't been on his bike though for the last month as he is recovering from surgery on his shoulder. The pink bike! (She owns two pink bikes) Toni is known and affectionately called "Pinky" by some of her friends. She is rarely seen in any color other than pink. Pink everything. She was in the pink looong before it became the color identified with cancer research.

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