Friday, December 19, 2008

Gore-Tex vs Poor-Tex

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When the weather turned cold I was wearing on all my rides full-cover Descente Neoprene Shoe Covers over my bike shoes . But I found Neoprene doesn't breathe very well. After a ride I would remove them from my shoes and they would be quite wet from sweat. This makes your feet colder. (See this blogger's comments on using Neoprene for the cold weather)

It seemed when I would ride in the cold and into the wind I could still feel some air coming through these booties. I noticed Dick A. duct-tapes his helmet holes shut with duct-tape. A permanent way to keep the wind out and his head warmer. I heard from the Back of the Pack, that back when Gore-Tex first came out everyone was rushing out to buy all sorts of bike clothing and accessories made with this waterproof, breathable, windproof miracle stuff. Gore-Tex this, Gore-Tex that. It is a bit pricey that's for sure. Thrifty Dick came out with his Poor-Tex! That is, duct-tape was just as good for him as the expensive Gore-Tex.

I had read in Runners World Magazine a couple of years ago that some runners in (frigid cold winters) Minneapolis would wrap their running shoes in duct-tape to close the mesh vents and to keep their feet warm. One morning a few weeks ago I was getting ready for a bike ride and I brought out a roll of sunny yellow colored duct-tape and decided to cover all the vents and holes on my road bike shoes. I wanted to see what it would do for the warmth rating. I was amazed! This trick really works!! I have found this to be another one of the best things I have done for comfort during this winter riding.

The bad thing is -- I'm afraid to find out what this duct-tape is doing to these $$$ Specialized Road Bike shoes. (Note to husband: Do not click on that link, or you will find out how much I spent on these bike shoes). I fear when I peel it off this Spring I will be stuck (literally) with adhesive all over the leather on the shoes. But notice, I have a spare pair just like the taped ones! Maybe I'll just leave the tape on for good -- and not have to find out what it has done to the shoes. I'll report the damage, if any, should I decide to peek under the tape. Hey, give this a try -- if you feel you need just a little something more to keep those tootsies warm when it is 19 degrees out and you are on a bike ride with me . . . and the other few crazies that are on a club ride in the winter here in Northeast Ohio.

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