Sunday, December 21, 2008

Clean Your Bike Garden Variety

Handy dandy tip here to clean your bike that I heard from someone while riding along in the 'back of the pack' one day. Using one of those garden sprayers (like mine pictured here), filled with water and a few drops of all-purpose cleaner, just pump the handle up and down to add some air pressure in the tank. Take the wand, pull the trigger and spritz off your bike. Gone is the road grime! And oh so handy to have along in the car for after the bike ride. Get back to your car take this sprayer and clean off the bike before putting it in your van/SUV/car-trunk/back-seat, or the bike-rack. Have a dry rag close by and just wipe it down after your bike's been sprayed off. No mud/snow/slush or gunk dripping off the bike all the way home. And your bike is clean for tomorrow's club ride! Isn't this just the neatest thing? I have gotten in the habit of bringing this out as soon as I get home and pull in the garage. Before I remove my bike from the car bike rack I wash the bike right away this fast and simple 2 minute way. A clean bike drives so much better.

You can get these at the hardware store or any big-box store. They are about fifteen bucks for a 2 gallon size. Less for a smaller one. Bring it out, go over to your riding buddy and offer to give his bike a little shower too before he puts his bike away. You'll be on his good buddy list for sure. And if you were to do this for Bob B - no telling he just may put you on his Candy List. Maybe.

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