Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Piano Peddler

The 48th annual TOSRV(Tour of Scioto River Valley) this past weekend. Cycled 107 miles from Columbus, OH to Portsmouth, OH (103 official, but to my overnight at the Friends Center added a few), on Saturday. Then 104 back on Sunday. The usual head winds both days. The Piano Peddler was playing at the lunch stop at Chillicothe, 50 miles into the route. He is quite a happy bicyclist and plays a piano attached to his mountain bike. He has been on GOBA many times (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure) and he told me he will do RAIN (Ride Across Indiana)this summer.

This year's TOSRV jerseys. Here is a photo of some couple at the park in Chillicothe, OH during the lunch break --

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